@State property in SwiftUI

Property Wrappers?

You can think of property wrappers as additional behaviours and functionalities added to a property to do more. You can think of them as weak or @IBOutlet but more powerful.

What is it?

It looks something like this:

@State private var iLovePizza: Bool = true
@State private var iLovePizza: Bool = truevar body: some View {  VStack {
if iLovePizza {
Text("I Love Pizza 🍕")
} else {
Text("🍕 = Nada")

Button("Toggle") {


@State private var name: String = ""var body: some View {
VStack(alignment: .leading) {
Text("My Name is \(name)")
TextField("Enter your name", text: $name)



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Melvin John

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